Mind Your Language

One of the first things that inspired me to teach English was after watching this sitcom back in the 70s (oooh I’m so old!) and after all these years, I still find it hilarious. 🙂 I have had many funny moments in my classroom but never as crazy as Mr Brown’s! Here’s a video of […]

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IELTS Book of the Month

This book is a great source of reference for both teachers and students who would like to know more about appropriate punctuation. It was first published in 1995 but there are newer editions. What I like about this book is that it contains simple and brief explanations for the reader as well as activities to […]

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Is that the time?

Our clocks moved forward an hour today and this has somehow confused my daughter who wonders where that one hour has gone! 🙂 For some explanations on how this works, check out the sites below: Daylight Savings Time Lesson ESLvideo.com :: How to adjust to daylight saving time (interesting video + quiz at intermediate level) […]

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Using questions in the IELTS

This morning, a couple of teachers and I discussed types of questions: differences between interrogative clauses, wh-questions, alternative questions, yes/no-type question and tags. I’ve taught grammar for nearly half my life (tells you how terribly old I am! ;)) and am still not completely familiar with their terms, eg. subjunctive, non-finite verbs, etc. I only […]

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Can you use intensifiers accurately in the IELTS?

Today’s lesson involved discussing adverbs of degree, in particular, the differences between quite, very/really, extremely. These words are also known as ‘intensifiers’ in English grammar as they ‘intensify’ adjectives to make them stronger. Here are some activities for you to try out: Adverbs of degree English Grammar | LearnEnglish | British Council | Intensifiers Quite […]

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The earth moving under my feet

I was told that there had been a minor earthquake tremor in the middle of the night last night. My children and I slept right through it although my husband and brother-in-law felt it. So did some people in the city. Rumour has it there will be another bigger one tonight and this is somewhat […]

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Wherever I lay my hat

Having travelled to so many countries on holiday or for work, I have become accustomed to making every place I go to feel like home. Below, you can see pictures of the living rooms I’ve had in various countries I’ve lived in: Morocco, Russia, Syria and the UAE. Can you tell which ones are which? Welcome to […]

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Saint George’s Day

What is it? Well, here are some helpful sites to help you find out: Saint George’s Day – Lesson Activities, Quizzes and Worksheets St. George’s Day – cOOl stuFF (links to some activities here) BBC – Religions – Christianity: Saint George (information about St George) St George’s Day – Activities For Kids The English Blog: […]

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Religion anyone?

I had a conversation with a fellow teacher on the telephone which lasted for one hour! What did we talk about? Religion. And our *take on it in the classroom and staffroom. Having travelled to many different countries, I have been lucky to know not just more about other people’s cultures but their religious beliefs […]

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