Complex Sentences in IELTS Writing

My lesson today covered complex sentences in IELTS Writing. This is one of the criteria that examiners look out for when marking candidates’ papers so students should be aware that it is important to have some evidence of these in their writing. Here is a collection of exercises for you to try out: Sentences: Simple, […]

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/b/ or /v/ in IELTS Speaking

In my online English pronunciation class this afternoon, one of the things my student worked on was the difference between the /b/ and /v/ sounds. This can be quite tricky if the tongue is not used to pronouncing these sounds and it appears to be a common problem among many learners of English. Image courtesy […]

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/l/ or /r/ in IELTS Speaking

Some of my Japanese students have been experiencing trouble with the /l/ and /r/ sounds. If words are mispronounced, they can cause some confusion to listeners. This is especially crucial when you’re sitting for a speaking exam like the IELTS test. Image courtesy of marin / Here are some exercises that you can use […]

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IELTS Word of the Day

Here’s a word that may be suitable for IELTS Speaking Part 2 in a situation where you have to tell a story. Despondent: unhappy and with no hope or enthusiasm At one point, I started to feel despondent about ever finding a job.  Until next time!

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