Breaking Bad

After a heartbreaking season finale on Dexter, I decided to turn my attention to Breaking Bad while waiting for The Walking Dead to return next month. Breaking bad is basically about a Chemistry teacher who decided to make lots of money by cooking crystal meth. But I don’t think I’ll be looking to him for […]

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DST again?

What is it with Daylight Saving Time in this country? Nobody seems to have an idea as to what time it is and there was much confusion as to when I should have started my classes today. My daughter is worried about whether or not she’ll be late for school tomorrow and nobody can give […]

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Using Conditionals in IELTS Writing

Today’s IELTS class with my student covered conditional structures, mainly because grammar represents one of the four areas of assessment in the Writing and Speaking modules. Producing complex structures shows that a candidate is able to control his or her language well and conditional sentences form part of this ability. Here are a few online […]

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I’ve recently had no choice but to update my mobile software to iOS7 at the expense of losing some of my favourite apps which have yet to adjust themselves to this latest version. My husband, on the other hand, is still debating on whether or not to do the same. But I’m sure he’ll eventually […]

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IELTS Speaking Models

Some of my students have been experiencing some difficulty knowing how to respond to IELTS interview questions particularly Part 2. On top of helping them with developing strategies and providing feedback, I feel candidates need more exposure to models of answers to follow and guide them in the right direction. Image courtesy of Ambro / […]

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Today was supermarket day with the kids and I managed to cart a whole month’s supply of grocery in my trolley, but I didn’t mind the weight. Guess what I discovered on the shelves in Carrefour: seaweed! My daughter and I are big fans of Japanese food and love chomping on unhealthy snacks as well. […]

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Using dictionaries in IELTS self-study

Having a good dictionary is essential for students of English to help themselves in self-preparations. A reliable dictionary usually meant having a thick volume of entries printed by reputable publishing houses such as Oxford or Cambridge University Press. These days, however, printed materials are becoming obsolete with the emergence of more convenient handheld devices that can […]

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My husband wasn’t kidding when he told me that our neighbourhood was getting more dangerous by the day. Having seen countless arguments, fights, car collisions as well as murder in broad daylight on our street, I thought that things would die down for a while. Until yesterday. I thought nothing of it when I saw […]

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