Road accidents

Another day, another event outside my window. This time it was a traffic accident. As always, I was busy at my desk trying to get some work done when I heard a loud crash. This was what I saw when I looked out. Luckily, the man wasn’t seriously injured and he sort of hobbled away […]

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I had so much difficulty falling asleep last night as I’d been suffering from toothache all day. I’d run out of painkillers and so went to the kitchen to sort out a home-made remedy with raw garlic, hot water and salt (a recipe from the late mother-in-law). Unfortunately, it didn’t work and I had to […]

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IELTS Success!

A student wrote to me yesterday with the wonderful news that she has successfully AND unexpectedly attained a high score for her IELTS Speaking interview after having attended lessons with me. She has jumped from getting a score of 5.0 to a Band 7 in a duration of two months and commented on how much […]

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IELTS Word of the Day

Freeloader a person who uses money, food, a room in a house, etc. given by other people, but who gives nothing to them in exchange I felt very uncomfortable staying there for more than two days as I didn’t want my hosts to think that I was a freeloader. Cambridge Dictionaries Online Image courtesy of […]

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