7 Good Resources for Discussing Animal Testing in IELTS Writing and Speaking

A little story:

I woke up from my afternoon nap yesterday to the loud chirping of a baby chick that my husband had brought home for the children. Despite my insistence on the “No Pets!” house rule, I was somehow ignored by the excitement and was imposed this additional member to my family. When it arrived, the chick was already weak and cold and as much as we tried to keep it warm with a light bulb, blankets and food, its fate was doomed. I was upset when it died this morning. This is why I do not allow animals into my home. They are such a heavy responsibility to bear and if we cannot be trusted to look after them with proper love and care, then we should not be their guardians at all. I hope I will not get an unwelcome surprise like this in the future.

Newborn chick
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: nonelvis via Compfight

Here are some activities on Animal Cruelty which you may find useful, especially if you are thinking of ideas for discussion in IELTS Writing and Speaking:

  1. Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plan on Animal Testing
  2. Mini Debates – Animal Testing
  3. Animal Testing: Life After The Laboratory
  4. Adult ESL Lesson: Controversial Issues (Advanced)
  5. EU Bans All Animal-Tested Cosmetics
  6. Making Kind Choices: Animal Testing | PETA
  7. Animal Experiments (Lots of resources here)


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