Idioms in IELTS Speaking

In the IELTS Speaking assessment, part of doing well involves using interesting expressions. As stated in an IELTS Speaking public band descriptor, a candidate who is aiming to obtain a Band 7 in their interview should display “some less common and idiomatic vocabulary” as well as “some awareness of style and collocation”. Quite often, this […]

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6 Recommended Sites to Practise Non-Prominent Words in IELTS Speaking

Quite often, learners are taught to pay attention to prominent words that are usually stressed in a sentence to help understand the importance of content words. However, when teaching students pronunciation, I have discovered that learners have not been given much focus on the significance of unstressed words within sentences. Consequently, when speaking, they tend […]

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Understanding Muslim Culture

Having grown up in a traditional Muslim household in a secular society has been an interesting, if not colourful, experience for me and having a chance to share this experience with my students is always enjoyable. Today’s session on Understanding Muslim Culture with my student touched on the Dos and Dont’s when visiting a Muslim […]

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