Tense in IELTS Speaking Part 2

In the second part of the IELTS interview, candidates do not have a choice over which topic they will have to talk about. This will be selected by the examiner. One of the first things you will need to decide is whether the task refers to the past, present, or a future situation. Knowing what […]

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Questions in IELTS interviews

One of my students asked me a very interesting question yesterday about whether some IELTS examiners are stricter than others. Apparently, he has had several experiences where various examiners had displayed different styles of interviewing. For example, in one instance, one was quite contented with listening to him elaborate on his answers while another rushed […]

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Correct spelling in IELTS

What makes the IELTS test possibly more difficult for candidates is the importance placed on spelling when giving answers. There is no room for error. Even if you give correct answers, they will be marked wrong if the spelling isn’t accurate. And this has been a bone of contention for many candidates who frequently bombard […]

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Vocabulary in IELTS Speaking

Vocabulary is an important component when it comes to assessing a candidate’s speaking ability. To get at least a Band 8 in Lexical Resource, the speaker has to use a wide vocabulary resource readily and flexibly to convey precise meaning. What differentiates a strong answer from a weak one is that the strong answer uses […]

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Sports topics in the IELTS Test

Candidates who are interested in sports may be at an advantage if this subject arises in the IELTS Listening or Reading modules. It would be an opportunity to use previously acquired vocabulary and background understanding to answer not only listening questions but also reading questions. Since World Cup fever has arrived, what better way for […]

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Signalling in IELTS Writing Task 1

One of the things candidates have to understand when writing in IELTS Task 1 is that language for describing visual information is rather different from that of speaking and writing a formal letter. When marking scripts as an IELTS examiner, I have often found sentences that begin with Regarding the cars, …. About the food, […]

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