Discussing animals in IELTS Speaking Part 3

Remember that in IELTS Speaking Part 3, there are no right or wrong answers. Candidates are being tested on their language they use, not their opinions. In this earlier post, I talked about the benefits of keeping animals in zoos. Can you think of any arguments against keeping them?

If you want to give your own opinions, you can start with some of the expressions below:

  • From my point of view, …
  • In my opinion, …
  • Personally, I believe …
  • My own feeling is  …

However, if you want to project other views, you can start with these:

  • Some people say …
  • I know some people think …
  • I’m not convinced that …
  • As for the argument that …

Snow Leopard Treats
Mark Dumont via Compfight

In the final part of the IELTS interview, the examiner will ask you about more abstract ideas on a topic. He or she may ask you to develop you answers further by asking

Can you tell me a bit more about that?
Why do you think that?

What can you say about the following questions?

Animals and humans

  • In what ways are humans different from other animals?
  • What are the main roles of animals in your country?


  • Why is it important to conserve the world’s animal and plant species?
  • Which species are endangered in your country? Why?

Animals and ethics

  • Do you think modern farming methods are cruel to animals?
  • Why do many people refuse to eat meat?

Feel free to share your responses with other IELTS students in the Reply box below.

Until next time!

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