Are you taking “smart” pills for the IELTS?

Many candidates probably wish that there is a ‘magic’ pill somewhere that would enable them to solve all their exam problems. Apparently, here is one such pill. Easily obtainable online. Anything is possible on the internet these days.

Try the activity below to check your understanding of the discussion:

How many students were asked about this drug? 1) __________

2) _____ in _____ were taking the study drugs.

3) _____% or a 4) __________ of students in the UK are considering or thinking about using it.

What exactly is a ‘smart’ pill?

It’s actually a 5) __________ and it helps people who tend to 6) __________   __________ all of the time. It’s not licensed to be used as a ‘smart’ drug. It’s not there to enhance your 7) __________, your 8) __________ or your 9) __________ but that’s what it’s being used for.

It increases your 10) __________ but it also makes you 11) __________, jittery, and 12) __________, liable to be 13) __________, you can’t 14) __________.

So, there you go. It’s a placebo. Nothing special about it. Nothing worth having ever comes easy and unfortunately, though money can certainly buy you education, it can’t buy you intelligence. So, be ‘smart’ and work hard to succeed in the IELTS test.

Until next time!

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