Understanding and discussing medical advancements in the IELTS

Here’s another quick one about recent developments in the world of medical technology. Scientists have now found a way to help detect signs of dementia through an app called Sea Hero Quest. Before you download it to find out what it’s all about and how to play this game, let’s do a quick IELTS exercise on this. Watch the video from the link below and see if you can do this gapfill challenge:

Axel Wehmeier says that digitization can have a significant effect on the health industry. However, the problem is in finding a strong and reliant 1) __________ to take this innovation forward.

According to Hugo Spiers, the Sea Hero Quest app tests three important things:

  1. their sense of 2) __________ – how good players are in estimating where they come from,
  2. the difference in playing performances between 3) __________ and __________,
  3. how players from various 4) __________ perform.

The results from this app will help in 5) __________ the diagnosis and treatment for dementia patients.

Sea Hero Quest game ‘could help doctors spot earliest signs of Alzheimer’s – by testing sense of direction’






If you want to play the game yourself, you can download the app from iTunes or Google Play or even play it online here!

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