Happy 2017!

Here’s wishing everyone, especially all IELTS students, a happy, productive year ahead and may you have much success in your academic endeavours!  

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“Used to” in IELTS Speaking

When talking about the past in the IELTS Speaking test, it would be a good idea to use a range of different tenses and not just stick to the same structure in the interview. For example, when answering this question in Part 1, How do the clothes you wear compare with the clothes your grandparents used to wear when they […]

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Why my IELTS students hate me

The answer is simple. Because I run my lessons like a boot camp. Which is why my classes aren’t for everybody. Which explains the incredible success rate of many of my students who do their IELTS training with me. Because I don’t take no for an answer nor have patience with negative thinking, self-talk or in any excuses […]

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