What this IELTS student said about me

After many years of teaching, online or offline, I have had the experience of meeting various personality types. Some may be pleasant, others otherwise. The awful types are the ones I do not remember any more but the ones that are on my mind are students who I tend to admire and learn from. They are the kinds of people who project kindness, patience, and perseverance in themselves, and not just to others. You may find it hard to believe but I learn a lot about emotional intelligence from the students that I meet.

Here is another unsolicited comment I received from one of my students when I turned on my computer this morning. It is days like these that make all my efforts worthwhile;

  • when I hear that my students feel that they have achieved something,
  • that they are determined to work hard and get to where they want to be instead of complaining and whining,
  • who tell me that they find their tasks difficult but are motivated enough to review and put in the hard work.

Those are the kinds of students that I have had the pleasure of teaching and hopefully continue to teach in the future. I just know that this student and I are going to have an absolutely productive and enjoyable learning journey together.


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2 thoughts on “What this IELTS student said about me

  1. She is a professional and gifted teacher as well. When I listen to our Lessons, I wonder how she bear all of this stupidity but I think it was fear rather than being stupid. Anyone who tries to speak lanaguage other than his native langauge, he always needs support and motivaion to tackle the lack of confidence. I got overall band 7 and particularly, 7 in speaking. She really made a dramatic improvement in my score from 5.5 in speaking to 7. I’m really proud of being a student with her for 24 lessons.
    I’m grateful for her concerted and sincere effort to achieve this result.
    Thanks again.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Congratulations on your IELTS band score! You should be proud of yourself because all the hard work is mainly due to your own effort. I am just doing my job in helping you get there. All the best for the future! 🙂

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