Discussing ‘nature’ vs ‘nurture’ in IELTS Writing and Speaking

If you are very familiar with the IELTS test, you will probably already know that it is more or less theme-based. You would do well to gather enough information to not only be more acquainted with the vocabulary or have adequate background knowledge when following the information given in IELTS Listening or Reading texts, but also argue your […]

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Can I write True/False/Not Given instead of Yes/No/Not Given in the IELTS Reading Test?

One of my students has asked me this question during a lesson while we were going through feedback to his practice test. The quick answer to this is No. Why? Two reasons: Reason 1: T/F/NG questions are quite different from Y/N/NG. The T/F/NG statements are about information in the passage. For example: TRUE     […]

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IELTS Reading Strategies

How much do you know about the IELTS Reading test? Look at these strategies for approaching the reading paper. Are these True (T) or False (F)? If you have given a False answer, can you explain why? 1) Do not read the text from beginning to end before you begin answering the questions. T/F 2) Look quickly at […]

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Take this IELTS Quiz!

Are you new to the IELTS test? What do you know about it? Read the statements below to find out: True or false? There are two parts to the writing module. It doesn’t matter if you make a spelling mistake in the reading and listening modules. Your teacher can tell you which band you need. […]

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