Can I use formulaic expressions in IELTS Writing and Speaking?

When marking IELTS papers, I have often come across certain expressions that you can commonly find in model answers. For example, introductions that typically begin like these ones here: People have always argued on whether …. (Really? Who are these people?) Although there are some advantages to this, I believe that the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. […]

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Discussing ‘nature’ vs ‘nurture’ in IELTS Writing and Speaking

If you are very familiar with the IELTS test, you will probably already know that it is more or less theme-based. You would do well to gather enough information to not only be more acquainted with the vocabulary or have adequate background knowledge when following the information given in IELTS Listening or Reading texts, but also argue your […]

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“Used to” in IELTS Speaking

When talking about the past in the IELTS Speaking test, it would be a good idea to use a range of different tenses and not just stick to the same structure in the interview. For example, when answering this question in Part 1, How do the clothes you wear compare with the clothes your grandparents used to wear when they […]

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