Where are you based?

London, United Kingdom. 

Do you offer face-to-face lessons?

No, all our lessons are conducted online in a secure classroom environment.

What are your qualifications?

Please see this page.

What accent do you have?

Standard British English.

What materials do you use?

We use a variety of resources, eg. news and internet articles, stories, videos, MP3 recordings, etc.

Do you give homework?

YES, to help you improve.

But submission is not compulsory.

Will you check my homework?

Yes, if you submit your homework before the deadline, you will receive feedback on your work.

Will you tell me what IELTS band score I will receive for my work?

Except for IELTS Speaking Mock sessions and the IELTS Writing Check service, we try not to provide estimated scores for practice tasks. Scores can be irregular and unpredictable as well as be demoralising if low band scores are assessed.

Can I cancel a lesson?
YES. But there are cancellation fees upon confirmation.

Do I have to pay in advance?
Yes, we request that all payments be made 24 hours in advance.

How do I pay?
By PayPal.

What is Adobe Connect and how will we use it?

​Adobe Connect is a video conferencing software, similar to Skype, that we will use to “meet” online. Adobe Connect has good audio and content sharing quality that will greatly help during our live meeting. When you sign up for your classes, you’ll get a link to the Adobe Connect meeting room. Just click on that link at the scheduled meeting time and open the software and I’ll meet you on the other side.

What equipment do I need?

  • any equipment with Flash player
  • a fast internet connection
  • a microphone headset
  • an e-mail account

Do I need a webcam?
No, it's not necessary.

Will my lessons be recorded?

Yes, they will usually be recorded for the student's self-review after the lesson has ended. However, you may request for your lesson not to be recorded if you prefer.



Payments and Lessons

Request for £1 First Session

IELTS Online Lessons by former IELTS Examiner

How long is a lesson?
50 minutes or 25 minutes depending on which lesson you are doing.

Can I have a trial session?
YES. You will have one 20-minute first trial session AT ONLY £1 for us to find out your level, why you want to learn and for you to be familiar with our classroom environment.

How many lessons do I need?
It depends on your schedule and what you need. After each lesson, you can choose to stop or continue if you wish.

Do I need to buy a book?
For copyright reasons, you will need to purchase printed copies of materials that are used in classes.

Do I need to prepare anything ahead of time?
You won’t need to prepare any assignments ahead of time. We’ll just start our lesson immediately.

Do I need to review my lessons?

YES. Doing this regularly will be to your benefit as you will need to look back on what has been covered and apply them to your own practice.

Do I need to finish my homework first before attending the next lesson?

No, you can attend subsequent lessons even if you have not completed or do not do your homework tasks.

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