To Market To Market

One of the things I enjoy watching when I lean over the balcony every morning with my coffee, is looking at the busy street downstairs. I’ve always found peddlars interesting to watch and wonder if they make any sales at all in one day. I’ve seen some selling accessories such as sunglasses and belts, cigarettes, […]

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Facebook Live Chat

Do you need help with learning English? Have you got a burning question to ask about grammar, vocabulary, punctuation or anything related to English? Here’s an opportunity for you to engage with me so that I can help you answer any questions you have about English. Live Facebook type chat sessions start on Monday 15 […]

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Google Nose

Did anyone fall for that April Fool prank by Google? It all looked really convincing until I smelled something fishy about the scentibytes! How many of us actually put our nose up close to the screen? [polldaddy poll=7007520]

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