In Stitches

After not having used the sewing machine for a while, I decided to give my rusty stitching skills a go. So I sewed up elastic casings to two of my batik sarongs that were given to me as presents. I’m feeling rather creative now. So what are your hobbies? Free ESL Regular Daily English Lesson […]

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The Box

Now that my two favourite TV programmes have ended: one for good and the other will be back in October, I’m left with nothing really interesting to watch on the telly. I used to enjoy watching a Spanish drama called Bella Calamidades (translated: Beautiful But Unlucky) and The Walking Dead. Now that both of them […]

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Zombies anyone?

I am a huge horror movie fan and also a big TV series addict. One of the TV series I am religiously watching is The Walking Dead and I’m quite excited about the final episode that is coming up next week. At the same time, I’m quite sad that it will end then. It has […]

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