On the road again

I am so relieved that the weather has been merciful lately. I’ve been taking strolls with the children every other day and it’s the perfect time for a road trip. The kids are excited about getting started tomorrow morning as it’s been a while since we’ve last been anywhere nice. You may not hear from […]

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On the road

My family and I went on a day road trip recently to escape from the heat at home. And so we headed north, up the mountain region, and found ourselves transported to a whole new world. I’d never been so relieved feeling the cold rain falling on my face as I took an afternoon nap […]

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Wherever I lay my hat

Having travelled to so many countries on holiday or for work, I have become accustomed to making every place I go to feel like home. Below, you can see pictures of the living rooms I’ve had in various countries I’ve lived in: Morocco, Russia, Syria and the UAE. Can you tell which ones are which? Welcome to […]

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