Breaking Bad

After a heartbreaking season finale on Dexter, I decided to turn my attention to Breaking Bad while waiting for The Walking Dead to return next month. Breaking bad is basically about a Chemistry teacher who decided to make lots of money by cooking crystal meth. But I don’t think I’ll be looking to him for […]

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Go Go Gadget!

My teenage students seem to enjoy watching films in their spare time and here is something I have created for them to watch as part of their homework. My children also enjoy the cartoon version of this film. If you would like to improve your overall listening skills, you can try this activity at home. […]

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The Box

Now that my two favourite TV programmes have ended: one for good and the other will be back in October, I’m left with nothing really interesting to watch on the telly. I used to enjoy watching a Spanish drama called Bella Calamidades (translated: Beautiful But Unlucky) and The Walking Dead. Now that both of them […]

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Zombies anyone?

I am a huge horror movie fan and also a big TV series addict. One of the TV series I am religiously watching is The Walking Dead and I’m quite excited about the final episode that is coming up next week. At the same time, I’m quite sad that it will end then. It has […]

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