The IELTS Tutor reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or replace any part of this Agreement. It is your responsibility to check this Agreement periodically for changes. Your continued use of or access to the Website following the posting of any changes to this Agreement constitutes acceptance of those changes.

The IELTS Tutor may also, in the future, offer new services and/or features through the Website (including, the release of new tools and resources). Such new features and/or services shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 

Despite best efforts on the part of The IELTS Tutor to help meet students' goals, sometimes results do not meet expectations. When you commit to lessons with The IELTS Tutor, you accept that The IELTS Tutor does not take any responsibility for a disappointing score, and that there can be no refunds.

Once purchased, all writing must be submitted in 2 days or earlier. Scripts that are handed in 48 hours after the date of payment or assignment of tasks by The IELTS Tutor will not be accepted and lessons/the service will be marked as COMPLETED.

Although every effort is made to correct Writing submissions within 48 hours, occasionally this is not possible. When you purchase Writing Corrections, you accept that these corrections can take up to an extra 24 hours (72 hours all together), especially in times of heavy workload, sickness, and/or power outages.



You must be on time for your lessons. The IELTS Tutor will wait a maximum of 5 minutes for you to come to your class. If you have not arrived within 5 minutes, your one-to-one lesson will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund. For group classes, the lesson will start without you even with only one student present.

Each group lesson will run for 50 minutes from the time it was due to start. So if you arrive 5 minutes late, you will lose 5 minutes from your lesson and only have 45 minutes.

Sometimes The IELTS Tutor will have another lesson to teach immediately after yours. We always try to schedule our lessons at least 10 minutes apart but sometimes this isn’t possible. In these rare cases, you must accept that we will finish your lesson 5 minutes early.


On very rare occurrences, such as an emergency or an illness, The IELTS Tutor may be unable to teach your lesson. If this happens, we will try to give you at least 24 hours notice but you must accept that this can occasionally happen on the day of the lesson itself. In cases where we cannot teach the scheduled lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled.

All lessons and writing assessments are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you cancel a lesson after it has been paid for, it will not be refunded, regardless the circumstances. If you do not pay the full lesson or package fee at least 24 hours before the first lesson is due to begin, your lesson/s will be cancelled automatically. For group classes, lessons will not run if there are not enough students registered, and if you have paid for a group lesson, you will have to wait until the class is filled to capacity before lessons can be confirmed. If confirmation does not happen within two weeks after the lesson start date, you will receive a full refund.

To save money in one-to-one classes, instead of cancelling your lesson, you should reschedule your lesson. If you reschedule your lesson for a different time or date, you will not lose that lesson from your package – this lesson will be transferred to the new time or date for no added fee. However, you must meet these conditions:

  1. You must re-schedule 24 hours before the lesson with the new time or date that you would like the lesson.
  2. You may only reschedule a lesson twice. If you cannot make your second rescheduled lesson (third overall lesson), your lesson will be cancelled and you will lose that lesson from your package.
  3. If you do not reschedule your lesson a minimum of 24 hours before your lesson is due to start, your lesson will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund

  4. These conditions do not apply to group classes.



We conduct a First Session to see if your internet connection is fast and reliable enough for lessons. If we feel that your internet is not fast or reliable enough, we will not be able to offer you any lessons.

Sometimes during a lesson, your internet may stop working. If you can get your internet working again within 5 minutes, and if we do not have another lesson immediately after yours, you will not lose any lesson time. We will add those 5 minutes to the end of the lesson. However, we will not add any more than 5 minutes.

If your internet stops working more than once during a lesson, we may be forced to cancel the lesson, and we may advise you to speak to your internet provider before you can have another lesson.

Although we try to make our internet as reliable as possible, occasionally our internet may stop working in the middle of a lesson. If this happens, you will not lose any lesson time. For every minute our internet isn’t working, we will add a minute to the end of your lesson, or to the next lesson if you would prefer. If we have a lesson immediately after yours, we will have to add these lost minutes to the end of the following lesson.


  1. First Sessions are limited to one £1 first lesson per student/group.
  2. The First Session lasts for 20 minutes. We will wait no longer than 5 minutes for you to arrive. If you do not arrive within 5 minutes, the lesson will be cancelled and you will have to buy again.
  3. The First Session is an opportunity for you to see how the lessons work, tell us about your IELTS goals, and ask us any questions, and for us to explain the important terms and procedures of The IELTS Tutor and test your internet connection. You may not receive any actual tuition.
  4. The IELTS Tutor reserve the right to refuse to give First Lessons to certain individuals. We also reserve the right to refuse to offer lessons to certain individuals who have received their First Lesson.
  5. Refusals to offer lessons after a First Session are almost always due to a low ability level (you should be at least at Pre-Intermediate (A2) level) or a slow internet connection.


The video of the lesson is recorded for your own convenience; you may play it back after class for review.

We reserve the right to use sections of these video recordings for promotional purposes. We will never upload anything where you speak about your personal details.

We may also use your IELTS Writing practice for promotional purposes. Again, we will never upload anything that contains your personal details.



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