If you've done the IELTS at least once, then you'll know that it does not just test you on your language skills, but also on your time management.

But knowing these skills alone will not help you do well in the test itself. You will also have to include careful strategising.

​It's a tough balancing act and you cannot see how much you are improving without feedback.

Sure, you can always prepare for the test yourself from the internet or use the latest IELTS mobile apps.

But it's not going to come as close as to understanding what is exactly stopping you from reaching your target score and how to overcome this obstacle from an actual IELTS examiner who can show you how.

That's where The IELTS Tutor comes in.

I can teach you ​the test preparation strategies, language skills, and time management tactics to help you overcome your barrier and obtain the target score you need.

So, you'll finally be able to submit your visa application, meet your university entrance requirement, and start your new job.

​You'll stop making the same mistakes in your test.

​And you can stop being frustrated and at last, move on to the new stage of your life.

I have been examining IELTS candidates for more than 10 years and have seen different candidates making the same errors over and over again.

I know what it's like to feel nervous during the test and how this has affected performances and consequently, results.

Getting someone else to help you with something you feel you already know, is the last thing on your mind.

But think about it.


​Why then are you still stuck at the same score? ​There are just so many things to consider when you do the test: knowing what to listen out for, understanding the hidden meaning behind sentences in reading passages, how to clearly express yourself when writing, how to speak without hesitating or pausing too much, etc. It's simply too much all at once!

And when you finally receive your target overall score, one of your sub-skills does not meet the minimum requirement. And you have to sit for the test all over again. The cycle goes on and on.

It's tough and I completely understand! That's why I want you to learn test, language, and time management skills that will work in the IELTS test situation.

What my students say about me

Hello there! I am a skilled IELTS trainer and as a former IELTS examiner, I have seen how difficult it is for struggling IELTS candidates to get to where they want to be with their IELTS results. I understand!

I am an experienced IELTS examiner and native English speaker with a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics and Teaching English as a Second Language to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). I have tested and trained IELTS candidates from all over the world how to get better at their test taking skills. I have witnessed the struggles of candidates who keep doing the test over and over again.


Because many self-prepared IELTS candidates usually receive their information from the internet which contains information that can be dangerously misleading. Most of the IELTS "model" essay answers available are full of mistakes in approach, construction, coherence, and even language! Candidates use the "memorise and recite" method in their IELTS interview to try and impress the examiner but do not realise that they are being secretly penalised.

That's why I've created a shortcut for IELTS candidates like you go learn how to go past that band barrier by making sure that you meet the comprehensive checklist that examiners go through when they assess your performance, criterion by criterion.

​With The IELTS Tutor, you will never have to go through the stress of figuring it out on your own, like many other failing candidates have to.

How many times have you done the IELTS test and are still stuck at the same band score?

Why trust The IELTS Tutor?

Why is this important?

So ... do you finally want to succeed?

Why is it so hard to pass this test in the first place?

Let me ask you this ...

I bet it has happened to you so many times already that you're almost giving up.

It’s hard to read great model answers, watch lots of YouTube videos and seen hundreds of advice, tips, and strategies on IELTS websites that tell you the same thing over and over again.

You do your best to express yourself the only way you know how in the IELTS Writing and Speaking test but you often feel that there is something wrong or missing from your own answers that prevent your scores from moving up.

You go to great lengths to prepare for the test yourself, only to get the IELTS Test Report Form with the same score. You end up saying you can't do it and that there must be something wrong with the test!

I understand. I have seen this happen to lots of IELTS candidates before and I want to teach you how to avoid the same pitfalls and traps and strategise yourself so that your answers meet the assessment criteria for a high score that all examiners are looking for.

Now, you're probably asking this ... 

 With The IELTS Tutor, you'll learn the tips and tricks from an examiner to achieve your target score

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