10 Great Resources for Learning Idioms in IELTS Speaking

My online lessons lately have been focussed on one of the criteria in the IELTS interview – lexical resource. To reach a band 7, a candidate must at least *use some less common and idiomatic vocabulary. *IELTS Speaking band descriptors (public version) Image: http://matters-phonetic.blogspot.com/2010/10/abnormal-idioms-4_02.html Here are some helpful websites to help you cope with this […]

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On the road again

I am so relieved that the weather has been merciful lately. I’ve been taking strolls with the children every other day and it’s the perfect time for a road trip. The kids are excited about getting started tomorrow morning as it’s been a while since we’ve last been anywhere nice. You may not hear from […]

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Get That Job!

The topic of my online lesson yesterday was on the art of writing a winning curriculum vitae for a job application. Like English, CVs change with time and candidates have to pay careful attention to what recruiters and employers are looking for in an outstanding application. I have been on both sides of the process: […]

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