Discussing cosmetic surgery in IELTS Writing and Speaking

Candidates may be asked topics related to physical appearance and cosmetic surgery in either IELTS Writing Task 2 or IELTS Speaking Part 3. So it may be worth considering doing some research and developing an opinion on this. In fact, the IELTS essay question below appeared around this time last year:

People try to change their look by changing the colour of their hair, using cosmetics, wearing jewellery or even having plastic surgery done. Why do you think people do it? Do you think changing your look is a good thing?

Panama Cosmetic Surgery and other Procedures
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This news item appeared a couple of days ago on television that addresses this question and the dangers associated with cosmetic surgery.

Here are the opinions presented by Dr Greechart on why he is against it. Can you identify the missing information from the video?


  1. reviews by happy patients are _____
  2. surgeons only show _____ pictures, not the _____   _____
  3. safety standards in _____% of clinics are not good enough
  4. run by physicians who lack _____   _____

Suggested solutions

  1. go to premises to see if they are _____
  2. GPs who do cosmetic surgery could use _____   _____

Clearly, it’s not easy to change an industry that _____ £3 billion a year, so the onus is on the customer to _____   _____.  The people who work in this industry know _____ what the risks are, and many new customers remain in the _____. What’s absolutely clear is that people coming to this city for treatment must exercise _____ care because their lives may _____ on it.

You can use some of the ideas presented in the video or the notes above to argue your points in your essay or interview.
I hope you will find this useful for your IELTS self-study.

Until next time!
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