How to develop your answers in IELTS Speaking Part 3

Part 3 is particularly challenging for many candidates in the IELTS Speaking module. Quite often, I have seen students find themselves at a loss on how to expand their answers appropriately. One method you could try to help you develop your responses is the OREO method. What does this mean?

O = Opinion
R = Reason
E = Example
O = Opposite situation

Let’s take a look at this IELTS Speaking Part 3 question:

Do you think local businesses are important for a neighbourhood? In what way?

~ Cambridge IELTS 10

You could use the OREO approach to answer this.

O = Opinion (Offer your opinion)

“Absolutely! I believe they are the lifeline of our local economy. Not only do they provide an important resource to residents who live nearby, they also help build communities and foster a strong sense of relationship between people who live in the area.”

R = Reason (Say why)

“Local businesses have a much more important role to play in a neighbourhood, compared to giant conglomerates. Apart from being accessible, what makes them especially significant is the fact that they can give a more personal touch to the experience of shopping instead of just buying and selling their products or services. The seller knows their customers well enough to understand their needs or wants a lot better than a company that tends to treat their customers all the same, or just limit their relationships with the customer to just mere transactions.”

E = Example (Give an example)

“For instance, a neighbourhood bookshop may organise events specifically catered to many children living in the area, such as story-telling sessions, or tea afternoons, or even have special sections in their shop that are children or family-friendly. A neighbourhood coffee shop, for example, could supply a demand for certain types of beverages that residents would enjoy more, or customise their services or products to create a more relaxed and friendlier atmosphere to tailor to consumers in the locality.”

O = Opposite situation (Provide an alternative scenario)

“I mean, think about it; with the proliferation of multi-national corporations these days, if local businesses aren’t given enough support by the authorities or the government to survive in a competitive environment, people will not be driven to be entrepreneurial, to take risks, be creative, or be motivated enough to fill gaps in market demand. As a result, neighbourhoods will run the risk of being at the hands of these big companies and fall victim to high prices. Local businesses, on the other hand, offer that personal touch for customers, that can be missing with these corporate giants, and perhaps even offer lower prices too! So, I think there are a lot more advantages to supporting local businesses in your area than giving your money away to a big business that does not really cater to consumers on an individual level.”

Black and Gold

All credit goes to Lori Turner for this OREO format which has been adapted for the benefit of IELTS candidates who are doing the exam:

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