Take this IELTS Quiz!

Are you new to the IELTS test? What do you know about it? Read the statements below to find out: True or false? There are two parts to the writing module. It doesn’t matter if you make a spelling mistake in the reading and listening modules. Your teacher can tell you which band you need. […]

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Should the IELTS be banned?

If you have been following my article on the topic of censorship, you may want to further develop your ideas on this (censorship that is, not banning IELTS!). Here is a video which contains somebody’s view on the topic. You can do two things with this: Gather some ideas to use as points when you […]

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IELTS Listening – Complete a table

See if you can do this IELTS exercise. Listen to the recording. Complete the table below. Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer. Reason for decrease in water supply Result of decrease in water supply Solution Agriculture for food production for growing cities and industries. Ground water being 1 ……………….. Eat more healthily. The average […]

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IELTS and your handwriting

Unless you are doing the computerised version of the test, it is essential that IELTS candidates develop motor skills and make sure that their handwriting is legible enough for assessors to understand. Just like Pronunciation in IELTS Speaking where you will need to produce clear sounds to be understood, you also will have to produce clear […]

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Should I do IELTS practice tests?

During a lesson, another student asked me yesterday about the effectiveness of doing IELTS practice tests. Should he always do IELTS practice tests to help him improve his chances of getting a good score? Christian Bucad via Compfight My answer to this is yes and no. Here’s why: Yes, because … Practice tests are good […]

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